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Play Blooket | Join, Sign up & Login to Dashboard

Blooket is an innovative educational platform that combines learning with interactive and competitive gaming elements to enhance student engagement. This platform offers a unique approach to education, where teachers can create quizzes and games, and students can join these games to learn and compete in a fun and stimulating environment.

How to Play Blooket

Playing games on Blooket is straightforward:

  1. Join a Game: To join a game, a player needs a game ID provided by the host (usually a teacher). Enter this code on Blooket’s “Join” page to access the game.
  2. Game Modes: Blooket offers various game modes such as Gold Quest, Cafe, and Battle Royale, each with unique rules and gameplay styles.

How to Sign Up and Log In

To fully experience Blooket, users need to create an account. Here’s how:

  • Sign Up: Go to the Blooket homepage and click on “Sign Up”. You can register using an email address or by linking a Google account. After filling in the required details and agreeing to the terms of service, your Blooket account will be ready to use.
  • Log In: If you already have an account, click “Log In” on the Blooket homepage, enter your credentials, and access your dashboard.

Navigating the Dashboard

The Blooket dashboard is user-friendly and intuitive. Here’s what you can find on it:

My SetsAccess and edit your saved question sets.
FavoritesView games you’ve marked as favorites.
ReportsAnalyze past game performance and student progress.
CreateStart designing new games or question sets.

Hosting a Game on Blooket

Hosting a game is primarily a task for educators. Here are the steps:

  1. Create or Choose a Set: Either create a new set of questions or choose an existing one from your collection.
  2. Select a Game Mode: Choose a mode that suits your classroom’s needs.
  3. Launch the Game: After setting up the game, Blooket will generate a game ID code that you can share with your students.

Understanding Codes and Hacks

  • Game Codes: Each game session has a unique code that players use to join. These codes are temporary and expire once the game ends.
  • Hacks: While there might be discussions online about Blooket hacks for gaining advantages in games, using such hacks goes against Blooket’s terms of service and can diminish the educational value of the games.


Blooket is transforming the way educational content is delivered, making learning an enjoyable and competitive activity. By blending the thrill of gaming with educational quizzes, Blooket helps boost engagement and retention among students, making it a valuable tool in any educator’s repertoire. Whether you are a teacher looking to spice up your classroom activities or a student seeking a fun way to learn, Blooket offers a dynamic platform to meet those needs.